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Who We Are

To achieve our mission, the NEF’s initiatives have focused on encouraging research and the further education of physicians, on providing information to patients and their caregivers, works with many advisors who are involved in direct patient care.

NEF created and now runs the first web site exclusively devoted to inform readers about emphysema and COPD. This web site is visited by thousands of patients and caregivers throughout the world in twenty-eight different languages.

The information presented here is from experienced professionals, they have written their expert opinions specifically for the website. Information is also presented from published literature. It is not a therapeutic recommendation or prescription. For specific information and advice, consult your own physician or other healthcare provider.

The National Emphysema Foundation is unique in that it does not actively participate in fundraising. Since our inception friends, patients and their families have voluntarily and generously provided contributions, bequests, foundation grants, trusts and endowments to support our needs. NEF is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, and as such, all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.





Board of Directors

Laurence G. Nair, MD, President

Ronald A. Nair JD, MIM, Secretary and Treasurer

Karyn N. Bhak, MPH


Executive Director

Rhoda H. Senator, EdD


Past Trustees

Sreedhar Nair, MD

Walter Baum

Richard Imbruce, PhD

Andrew K. Bhak

Gregory Imbruce

William Anthony

Lloyd W. Anthony

Charles Lipton

Nicholas Nardi

John C. Carter


Honorary Trustees

Joanne Woodward

Paul Newman (1971 - 2008)

Robert Stack (1971 – 2001)

Eileen Heckart (1971 – 2002)

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