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Technology Company Gives COPD Patients a Lifeline with New Gadget

Philips, a healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting technology company, has released a wearable health tracker that is helping chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients record biometric data associated with the disease that can be accessed from the patient’s mobile device.

HealthPatchMD is attached to a disposable, adhesive bandage that is applied to the chest to monitor “physical activity and inactivity, respiratory function, heart rhythm, and heart rate variability.” Patients can then access the data collected through two cloud-based apps: Philips eCareCompanion and eCareCoordinator, “making it possible for doctors to monitor patients remotely.”

Jeroen Tas, CEO of the Philips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services business group, states that this new device will help patients stay ahead of the curve if their symptoms begin to worsen. "If you have a chronic condition, then leveraging mobile technology with really low cost sensors... [and link] that through real-time data analytics into a care setting, you can develop completely new propositions," says Tas.

The device is expected to be available in early 2015. Philips has indicated that it is just the beginning of what will be a trend toward innovative technology for remote monitoring for long-term, chronic illnesses like COPD.

A video is available from Philips, presenting the new system.

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