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The National Association of Managed Care Physicians (NAMCP) Unveils COPD Resource Center

The National Association of Managed Care Physicians (NAMCP) has unveiled the Medical Directors COPD Resource Center, a resource designed to provide medical directors, practicing physicians and patients with up-to-date information on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The resource center was designed by a team of medical directors from various purchasers, plans and providers who saw a need for an unbiased information source on the various techniques currently used to help improve patient outcomes in the COPD patient population.

“We needed one spot to research new information on the diagnosis and treatment of COPD. The web-based Medical Directors COPD Resource Center is that place,” said Ron Hunt, MD, Medical Director of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, who was a member of the COPD Resource Center Advisory Board, in a statement released by the NAMCP.

The end result features a number of tools that can assist both physicians and patients in managing the disease. For example, the NAMCP COPD Physician Audit Tool, which is available in the resource center, can help physicians monitor the progress of their patients over the course of their treatment.

Further, the NAMCP COPD Patient Health Record can assist patients in determining if they have the signs and symptoms often associated with COPD. Once completed, this resource can be utilized during doctor appointments, where the physician and patient can review the results together.

The Medical Directors COPD Resource Center is the latest in a series of resource centers released by NAMCP. Other resource centers include bipolar disorder, diabetes, weight management and sleep disorders. For more information on these resources, visit www.namcp.org.

Click Here to Access the NAMCP COPD Resource Center

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